Over the course of 12 years, the Owleyes brand has evolved. What began as a nature and spiritual based collection, for women, morphed into a unisex collection, themed in music. Though the shirts are sold across the U.S., this company is headquartered out of Austin, Texas and many of the designs are location based. The collection includes over 100 designs. Below is a sampling of some of the more recent designs that were also used as Instagram posts.

“Before Owleyes was a business, it was a sketch book of illustrations depicting what resided in my heart. These images were inspired by my deep connection with Owls and my belief in the creative power seen and unseen that could be captured from nature and Divine intuition.” – Beth Bull, Owner

I have worked with Beth from the beginning, helping her to evolve her dream into a profitable business.

Creative Direction, Tshirt Design, Branding, Photography, Web Design, Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Email & Direct Mail

OwlEyes Tee Shirts

Creative Director & Designer

The print pieces showcased below, highlight the evolution in her brand. The “O” rose graphic moved towards a grungier less feminine style. The “O” rose was eventually dropped in favor of the owl from her best selling tee. That design was referred to as “Journey.” From there we went to a clean and contrasting design, black and white only, that focused on the juxtaposition of fonts and a very stylized face of an owl. Eventually the owl was dropped completely.

Early Designs

Originally designs were 2-6 color, comprised of complex screen separations. In the beginning I worked as her designer and photographer. Due to costs, we eventually moved to stock photography and 1 color designs. Below is a sampling of some of the earlier work.

Website, Email BlASTS & REtargeting was recently switched from Shopify to a WordPress site using WooCommerce. I designed and manage this e-commerce store. The hero sliders are updated regularly with specials and seasonal themes. Inventory is updated weekly. Email blast are regularly sent driving people to the site while retargeting ads follow visitors.