WEB & Logo Design

During the last 5 years I have become extensively involved in Website Design and Development. My focus has been in WordPress (including this portfolio site) though I am proficient in HTML and CSS. The following are sites that I personally created or gave direction on.  Sites noted with and * are not hosted by me and some may have had changes made since I was in charge of them, hence the mockups to show the original design. Logos are originals, designed by myself.

Creative Direction, Website Building, SEO, Graphic Design


Creative Director & Designer

Resources Group

After spending 7 years working with financial advisors it is a natural progression for me to build websites for them! I know their industry and their target market like the back of my hand. FRG is leaving behind a templated website for a custom one that more accurately represents their business.

through Education

ETE offers custom courses and training for everything from health care to how to start a small business. With a laser focus on engaging their students for professional development, they needed a site that was not only engaging but also easy to navigate.

Financial Group

RFG is another Financial Planning Group that I work with on a regular basis. What started as a simple website redesign has turned into a much more complex job featuring a client portal with protected content and downloads. Limited access  to this portion, can be granted upon request.

ricks music world*

Rick’s Music World is a local music school in New England. They wanted a site that focused on their music studio for lessons, but also worked as an e-commerce site for the instruments that were offered for sale.
*website is no longer under my supervision

Straight Line Flooring*

Straight Line Flooring wanted a site that showcased their custom work. The client supplied all the photography and we created a beautiful and clean site that also generated leads.
*website is no longer under my supervision

Ideal Producers*

Ideal Producers Group is a Financial Marketing Organization that works as an umbrella company for CFPs all over the country. They wanted a new look that also had an agent portal. The client bought the site upon completion and has made their own edits. 
*website is no longer under my supervision

Pesci Financial Group

Pesci Financial Group is a Financial Planning firm located out of Orem, Utah. Though in business for over 10 years, their website needed updating. Like all design, trends change! They were looking for a modern, but conservative and professional site. I currently maintain the site and post their blogs.

RN Delegation Academy

RN Delegation Academy [RNDA] was founded to help caregivers in assisted living facilities elevate their level of care. I worked closely with the founder, created her brand, built her website and started her social media presence. RNDA is an ongoing client. 

Sherman LAw Group

Sherman Law Group practices employment law and corporate law for some high profile clients in Beverly Hills. They needed a website that matched the caliber of their clients.