Marketing Agency Work

Plum Has 2 Divisions: Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Services

Below is a variety of marketing sheets created for both divisions:

Over the course of my 7 years at Plum I helped take them from a direct mail company that serviced one industry, to a full marketing agency offering a wide range of print and digital marketing for all industries. Though the creative team is now more than 17 people, the pieces showcased on this page are all for the “in-house” marketing and designed by myself.

Branding, Design, Marketing, Web Design, Presentation, Social Media, Creative Direction

Plum Direct Marketing

Director of Creative Services


Creating the brand

From the paper systems to the transportation, Plum’s new look was finalized and style guides were created.

Direct mail for Digital and Print sales

Direct and Digital Marketing

Social Media, Email Blast, Landing Pages, Event Posters, Co-Branding Material and More…