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Frequently Asked Questions

Melissa Brooks, Owner and Creative Director of RedDesign has 9 years of experience working with financial planners and compliance departments. The Basic Package is Revolution Compliance Reviewed and Semi-Custom and Full-Custom sites are ultimately the responsibility of the agent to run through compliance. That being said, RedDesign will edit copy until it is 100% approved.

We are a boutique owner-operated company. Websites are built on a first come / first served basis. A Basic Package Website normally takes 1 week. Semi-Custom and Custom sites are 30+ days. However, if the agent agrees, we can have a basic site up within 30 days and then continue to add SEO pages as they are ready. This allows us to start marketing in 30 days.

Yes, you can use your Revolution Marketing credits. All invoices must be forwarded by the agent to their marketer at The Revolution or sent to the billing department. RedDesign cannot bill The Revolution directly for services.

Results vary by agent depending on their list size and how often they have or have not emailed their prospects and clients. Results also vary according to the TYPE of webinar. An average result for a Tax Free Green Line is a 2-4% registration. Example: a list of 1500 usually gets 30-45 registrants. Virtual seminars with gift cards generally pull a 1-3% registration rate. Marketing for in-person seminars based on the TFGL or Retirement Strategies can be up to 15%*

*Inquire for more information. Registrations are not guaranteed. Results vary.

Yes, RedDesign offers social media posting to unlimited platforms for $300 a month. This includes 2 postings per week. We also offer Social Media ads for an additional charge.

Yes, we offer a variety of design and printing needs. However, we are not a full-service mail house (though we all came from one!) We are more suited for letterheads, business cards, promotional items including trade show banners, pens, notepads, seminar folders, welcome packets, seminar packets, client event postcards, letters, etc. Our team also has extensive experience with screen printing if you need t-shirts or artwork designed.